Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diary of Caleb Ryan Shaw- Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 7:17 PM

I woke up this morning slightly dazed at the events as of recent. It’s actually hard to explain the emotion that’s coupled with complete and utter holocaustic annihilation of your home. But hey… these are interesting times.

I went into the kitchen with Uncle Roo and he made me some breakfast. We stayed away from any Internet, radio, or TV for the first part of the morning. After we had a morning workout, we both agreed to turn on the news. Southern Louisiana was burning to ash and the rampage continued to Houston. Sickened, we watched the news feed from downtown Houston as it split the city in half.

This was the first time I saw all of it, and this was Uncle Roo’s first glimpse. The reporter said it is over 700 feet tall. To be honest, it is something of total awe, and we both watched silent as it massacred the city. Houston is a little south of where we are, and I hope it doesn’t decide to make a northern turn. Our gaze was interrupted by a reporter on the TV.

She said that there was breaking news, and I wondered what could be more breaking than a giant sea creature roaming the continental US. Stunned, I listened as she described gruesome animal attacks that were appearing all around the country. In the past couple of days there have already been over 50 of these reports, and the victims were partially eaten or ripped into pieces.

It wasn’t until later that I recalled the strange incident the night before, and before I could even comment on what was going on, Uncle Roo turned off the TV. He told me that we needed a plan. We talked about our options, and both of us felt more comfortable staying on the ranch and trying to survive instead of evacuating.

I always knew my uncle was a little unstable. Momma used to talk about him in passing conversation like he was detached from this world. It’s actually quite ironic that the person most “detached” from this world is the best prepared when the world becomes “detached”. Well, maybe that’s not ironic… maybe that’s being justified.

Uncle Roo took me outside to the stables. He showed me his horses and his boxer, Caesar. More interestingly though, is what he showed me afterwards. I thought about not documenting what I saw, but the likelihood of this ever being seen by anyone who cares is low. I don’t know why I feel the need to write this down, but, for me, it’s important. It just helps.

He showed me what looked like a cellar entrance in the corral. The stairwell led straight down for at least 50 feet. When we reached the bottom it opened up to another world. The lights reflected on the stainless steel. Uncle Roo explained that he built this in case of nuclear attacks. He has a vast supply of food and fuel along with an impressive arsenal. My Uncle Roo is crazy – yes – but his craziness has saved me. He told me that he would teach me the fundamentals of survival along with gun training.

That was fine with me. I’ve always been a quick learner, and it wasn’t like I had anything better to do.

We returned to the surface around 6ish, and we decided to catch up on where and what it had been doing for the day. Things had only gotten worse. Unexplained explosions have been happening all over the country which included the destruction of the White House and the Pentagon. Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are rubble as that thing is tearing Texas apart.

The news dubbed it “Cthulhu”. You know, now that I think about it… it does remind me of Cthulhu. Uncle Roo wants to show me something, so I’m out. I hope I’m here tomorrow.

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