Friday, October 23, 2009

Diary of Caleb Ryan Shaw- Saturday, December 8, 2012, 4:38 PM

This thing is odd to say the least. We tried to drag it outside, but it was just too heavy and it had some type of slick film covering its body. We couldn’t get a solid grip on it, and it’s got to be over a ton, but what kind of animal can weigh that much, be that size, and be that agile and quiet?

It’s got internal organs and muscles like any other animal. Whoa… Uncle Roo just jumped back. Wow, this is crazy. It’s got internal wires… and some other mechanical switches ingrained within the organs and muscles. The bones look to be some type of metal in and out of a solid bone. I wonder if the nervous system is wires? The mouth and head are pretty much solid metal… claws too. No wonder why they made such an even laceration.

This thing’s tail is weird and awesome at the same time. It’s thick and muscular and about three fourths of the way down it splits and become bifurcated. Uncle Roo says that judging from the shape and size of the tail that it’s probably prehensile.

This is actually getting more and more bizarre. The areas where Uncle Roo has cut the creature open have begun to scarcely smoke and sizzle. He is just staring at it. I don’t know what he’s doing…

He just stormed off and was mumbling something under his breath. Priest is just as confused as I am.

This is unbelievable! We have just witnessed something that no one on earth has ever seen. Uncle Roo came back with a glass of water and told us to step back. He poured the water into the creature, and then it rumbled and the inside part of the creature blew up. Uncle Roo said it was as he thought. This creature was not made of carbon, but in fact, it was silicone based. The thick oil protects it from water in the air and any other exposed part is made of that metal. He told me silicone reacts violently with water… as we just witnessed. These creatures were not God’s creation; they were engineered.

But who engineered these things? Priest thinks it was the Chinese or the Russians, but this technology is something so far beyond human understanding.

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