Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diary of Caleb Ryan Shaw- Thursday, December 6, 2012, 1:41 PM

I just broke down crying. I couldn’t help it… it just happened.

So, last night Uncle Roo showed me how to work the security system on the ranch. This place is armed to the teeth. There are underground tunnels that lead all over his property along with surveillance. We’ve begun ushering all the remaining supplies from the house to the bunker. The local TV and cable have gone out, and we anticipate the electricity to follow soon. It’s moving north toward Dallas, and that means it’s going to pass straight through us.

The only access to the outside world we have is radio. Thank God it’s XM. We’ve been listening on and off most of the morning, and the shock of what we’re hearing is making me sick. These events are inexplicable.

Australia has been demolished. Reports from Asia say that there was a flash of light then a massive explosion that rattled the whole of India and southern China. Reports haven’t come back on whether or not Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand were affected. I assume their fate is similar though. What is going on?

Several explosions have sent Dubai into a state of panic, and the Middle East is, right now, as I write, being clustered by explosion after explosion. Airports all over the world have become hotels because every single airplane in the world has been grounded.

They’re calling them attacks now. Israel, Britain, Germany, China, and Japan have all been reporting multiple attacks all around their countries. Satellites have been falling out of orbit and bombarding the atmosphere while their debris peppers cities. I really don’t think our XM is going to be around much longer. Uncle Roo is trying to find a way he can boost the reception for AM and FM.

We have just about moved everything down to the bunker. I even moved my bike, books, and various heirlooms down there too.

Uncle Roo is a crazy, incredible genius because the detail and the level of thought that he designed for the bunker is astonishing. He has multiple hidden exits and entrances that are equipped with periscopes for surveying. Like I said before, he has enough stored ammo, guns, fuel, water, and food to take care of us for years to come. He has solar panels erected all around the ranch that feed to generators and batteries. There is pump and water purifier in case we need water from the lake. The bunker is ventilated and temperature controlled with comfortable living quarters. There is a trash disposal and sewage system that I don’t fully understand; however, one of the most impressive parts of the bunker is the feces to fuel converter. We can use our, the dog’s, or the horses’ dung to create fuel for the bunker. And, Uncle Roo, being himself, actually has a storage unit filled with horse poop.

They are talking about the animal attacks on the radio now… oh no. XM is gone.

Uncle Roo is trying to get a signal on the local radio, but everything is static. Things are only getting worse.

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