Monday, October 26, 2009

Diary of Caleb Ryan Shaw- Monday, December 10, 2012, 2:51 PM

Earlier this morning Uncle Roo and Priest went to the range to shoot. I stayed with Captain Haas and finished watching The Two Towers. About 30 minutes into The Return of the King Captain Haas started to move around and mumble. Priest told me what to do if he started to wake, so I did as I was told. First, I told both of them he was waking via the PA, and then I began talking to the captain. I told him he was in a crash and he is being taken care of. Uncle Roo and Priest arrived fairly quick and assisted me.

As Captain Haas woke he was, of course, confused and agitated. We talked him down and reassured him that he was ok. As soon as he was fully cognizant, we began to explain our situation… which, as you can guess, was difficult. Fortunately, he remembered what had been happening. Priest removed his IV, catheter, and other various needles, and helped him off the bed and into a wheelchair (yes, Uncle Roo had a wheelchair too). Priest checked his arm and leg to make sure the splint was still set and redressed his cuts and burns.

Uncle Roo brought him some food, and as he ate we explained the events over the past weeks.

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