Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diary of Caleb Ryan Shaw- Monday, December 10, 2012, 5:55 PM

I’ve just been listening to Captain Haas, whose first name is Jude, tell us about what the world is facing. The information is a welcomed relief and I would’ve listened to him all night, but priest told him that he needed to recover.

According to Captain Haas, there are things that are going on that can’t be explained. I told him that was fairly obvious with the monster and the other creatures, but he said that wasn’t what he was talking about. What he was worried about were the explosions and the unexplained objects in our atmosphere.

This piqued my interests, and he continued. He talked about whispers through the military that there were indeed alien contacts. He said the government is being very quiet on the unusual series of events, and that is wasn’t his job to ask questions but to do what he was told. He told us yesterday his helicopter shot down a flying object on its way to New York, but he was immediately rerouted to another mission. From what he could tell it looked nothing like human engineering, but he couldn’t say for sure.

According to Captain Haas, most of the US forces are, indeed, trying to fight the giant creature, but at least a fourth of the military is trying to fight this unidentified threat. Captain Haas thinks it’s all linked: the monster, the cat-like creatures, the explosions, and the objects. The governments around the world have not commented or given an answer.

I asked him what happened to Australia and if it had been nuked. He told me that no one has an explanation for it, but he thinks it’s the aliens. Uncle Roo got mad and left the room, and Priest told Captain Haas that he didn’t need to be talking about it and he needed to rest. Reluctantly, he agreed, and he took some medication and went to sleep.

Now I just have more questions with no answers. This is like a real life version of Lost.

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