Sunday, October 25, 2009

Diary of Caleb Ryan Shaw- Sunday, December 9, 2012, 5:34 PM

It was a long trek over to the range. We hooked a wagon to my bike, and I used it to haul Uncle Roo, guns, and ammo to other side. When we got there Uncle Roo showed me the basics: how to hold guns, tear them down, put them back together, and how to clean them. We started with handguns. My 9mm, of course; then he showed me a .40, .45, and a .50. He also let me shoot a .357 and a 38 special in order to showcase the advantages of each gun and bullet. He told me later we would move on to rifles, shotguns, and automatics, along with moving targets.

I’m still partial to my 9mm, but I took a liking to the .45, so I think these are the two small arms I’m going to focus on. We have burned through hundreds of rounds, and I have to say, I’ve become a dead-eye. Even Uncle Roo is impressed with how quickly I picked up on it.

After target practice we cleaned the guns and realized we had missed lunch. We made it back to the bunker’s main hall around 3:30 and sat down for a meal. Priest had been attending to Captain Haas: changing his IV and catheter, changing the dressing on his wounds and burns, and monitoring his vitals.

We talked with Priest for a bit, and he said that he wanted to learn more about guns also. Uncle Roo said he would love to teach him tomorrow, and he asked me if I could watch Captain Haas. I didn’t mind as long as Priest showed me how to take care of him. I wanted to explore the bunker some more, so I took Caesar with me because he needed some exercise.

I explored a few acres of the bunker and played Frisbee with Caesar. We wandered upon the greenhouse. Only Uncle Roo… He had fruit trees, rows and rows of vegetables, and flowers growing everywhere. He had created an entire functioning ecosystem under ground. There were UV lights to supply “sun”, sprinklers were on timers that used water from the lake, he had them all properly fertilized, and the most impressive was the bee hive (which I stayed away from) he used to pollinate the flora. That’s where he got those jars of honey I saw in the cupboard. He even had a room labeled “soil” which is a store of fresh soil and a healthy supply of earth worms. This man literally thought of everything.

We left the greenhouse and I noticed one of the many exits about 50 yards away. I just wanted to see what was happening on the surface, if anything. I walked up the stairs and looked through the periscope. I mostly saw smoke; nothing discernable. I decided to actually go outside, but of course, it was pressure locked. I forgot Uncle Roo told me his security was universally controlled. I heard Uncle Roo come over the loud speaker saying, “Kid, don’t be stupid. We’ll return when it’s safe.”

Forgot about that too. Uncle Roo has the place completely covered with surveillance cameras and technology. When anyone approaches an entrance or exit the computer system alerts him, and he’s able to view it. I was doing the math in my head, and this place had to be a multi-billion dollar facility… which begged the question. How? I can only assume eventually he’ll tell me. But, right now, I guess it’s really not important because we’re safe.

Caesar and I walked back to Uncle Roo and Priest. I threw the Frisbee the entire way. He loves that thing. When I got back they were about to sit down and watch a movie from Uncle Roo’s massive DVD and Blu-ray collection. I mean massive… huge… how… never mind. It’s not worth racking my brain.

We’ve decided to watch the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings. This should effectively kill 12 hours.

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